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Friday Is For Lovers


Sweetest Valentine,
I am a firm believer that love is the source of all things good. Love is our motivation for being better to one-another, tasting the air we breath, soaking in the majesty of a landscape, or melting at the sound of laughter. More than good, love is our reason for recovery and hope. Love is the reason we can forgive the unforgivable and dream of someone to mend our broken heart forever.

No doubt, each of us has been a member of the “lonely hearts club”, or hit rock bottom after a bad decision or betrayal…but the source for the eternal light at the end of the tunnel is always there, and never changing.

Friday Is For Lovers
Ask yourself this question: “Is there something I have experienced that, at the time, felt like the end of the world?” Then ask yourself, “Am I okay now?” or “Have I learned anything?” Experiences produce wisdom, but not all wisdom is gained through pain. Imagine the lessons we will learn by loving, not just those who deserve it, but those who don’t deserve it. After all, hurting people hurt people, but a loving gesture can change the course of one’s eternity.

So, whether your a proud valentine, or a veteran of the Lonely Hearts Club, find a way to show some love to someone, anyone, today.

Photo Cred: Dave Giesbrecht


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