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Turn it Up! The Picture

Musical Mondays - The Picture

LOVE: I have kept this photo for years…almost 10 actually. My passion for music has framed a majority of my life and everything I care about; relationships, talents, hobbies, aspirations and education. This photo organically regenerates with each generation; from our grandparents and The Supremes, to our parents and Led Zeppelin, then our older siblings and Nirvana. This moment represents everything I love about music: blinding lights, playlist anticipation, timeless lyrics, deafening guitar riffs, headbangers and screaming fans with their hands in the air.

LIFE: If you are anything like me (and from Omaha), you have spent too much time rummaging around Homer’s music store, reading post-rehab autobiographies and collecting ticket stubs from nostalgic shows at Sokol or the Waiting Room. Do you have an endless bucket list of concerts to see or instruments to learn? Maybe your father is notorious for his air guitar skills and ever-evolving, self-constructed, in-home concert theater? Welcome to my life.

BROADWAY: Music has many forms to be appreciated. This week, I appreciate BROADWAY! Million Dollar Quartet opens this Tuesday at the beautiful Orpheum Theater. I can’t believe it has taken almost 27 years for me, a dancer, to see a Broadway show, but this will surely be the first of many. 

Stay tuned for the review…

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