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A Million Dollar Experience!

“Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t a fad, it’s a revolution!”

This was an experience I look forward to repeating with each Broadway visit! MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET really showcased authenticity with talented performers and script true to the story. Not one dull moment was felt throughout this show! Judging from all the seat shakin’ and whistles, the rest of the audience felt the same.

To quote my husband, “What’s awesome about this show is, some generations would have never otherwise experienced those performers.” True to their voices, mannerisms and look, the four actors honored the nature of these rock legends.

My favorite part of the night was seeing the understudy for Elvis perform. While most spectators were initially bummed about missing Cody Ray Slaughter (Enterprises’ Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2011), they left pleasantly surprised by his youngster understudy, Robby Kipferl.  I don’t know the exact statistics, but my understanding is it’s a mighty-slim chance that an understudy gets to perform. That being said, I felt like a cheerleader again. Kipferl conquered the style, moves, and stage presence of the King of Rock ‘n’ Rolleven flirting with a fan in the front row! 

My husband’s favorite character was Johnny Cash (I‘m sure it had nothing to do with the all-black style). Actor Scott Moreau, has a voice with such likeness to “the man in black”, that he recorded a tribute album titled Home Of The Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash At Sun Studio. You can find the album on Amazon.com or iTunes.com.

Whether your appeal is the spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis, the swagger of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins’ skills with a Gibson, or the baritone of Johnny Cash, this show is fitting for all generations! My family loved MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET and we can’t wait for our next Broadway experience at the Orpheum Theater, SISTER ACT! 


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