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What Motivates You?

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -William Shakespeare

I often wonder what achievements are unfulfilled due to lack of knowledge, encouragement, confidence and/or motivation. We are all created for greatness, but the means of finding it are uniquely ours.  Really and truly think about this…you are not like one other person in all creation…EVER!

The juice IS worth the squeeze!

Perhaps we’re too comfortable with being comfortable; not willing to make the sacrifices or take the necessary risk to pursue an adventure? Maybe overcoming adversity, stereotypes, disappointments or shaken faith fills you with doubt. BUT, if you could find the strength to get-up, and push past the trials…you will find the juice IS worth the squeeze! What would you do if you knew desires and skills were intricately woven into your life on purpose?

So many fall victim to wanting what someone else has, or fear the vulnerability in standing-out.  Trying to perfect other’s talents in ourselves takes time away from the peace, wholeness and prosperity we we’re meant for. Don’t get me wrong, I believe mistakes are only opportunity to learn, and wisdom is a precious thing. So, what are you passionate about? If you don’t really know, start exploring. What skills do you have to help you chase this passion? Are there any distractions or haters in your path? Kick em to the curb & start going for it! 

If the gate is narrow, than wouldn’t it be difficult for a crowd to get through?

Here are a few things that have motivated and inspired me to pursue new and bigger dreams. Authors, books, movies, musicians, songs, artists, teachers…a collection of reminders. There’s no way to know how close we are to breakthrough.

Stop looking at tomorrow’s obstacles with today’s grace.



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