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Words Are Powerful!

What is so amazing or important about writing? Well, if broken down to its simplest form, were talking about words and language. But, writing is more than just written words and language; writing captures and immortalizes time otherwise upheld by recycled memories. I’m talking about more than novels; the written word has brought humanity business, law, education, religion, government and more!

How do we know we are free Americans? The Bill of Rights was written by James Madison and solidified by the signatures of 40 men. How are we able to study the teachings of Jesus? Records kept by disciples detailing the events of Christ’s life, leading-to and following his resurrection, have been translated into the New Testament. You know that morning show integrated into your sunrise routine? Journalists have risked their lives and reputations, battling politics and suppression to bring newsworthy information to the world.

Artistically, the written word can illustrate in a way imagery cannot. While film and photography capture time eloquently, authors and journalists intrigue the imagination of readers through sensory description. In addition to maintaining vocabulary and mental resilience, imagination is the product of effective writing. The written word is literally brain food, and the knowledge available is a bottomless buffet!

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter or note? Not an email or text. Emotionally, we confess love, happiness, sadness, anger and pain in letters, notes, poems and devotionals. There is power in personalized, hand-written notes, it evokes a deepened sense of realism within the recipient. A bit old fashioned to today’s digital-junkies, but there is something to be said about honoring timeless tradition. Despite some shaky hands and withering memories, my grandparents still exchange letters with old friends. And like a testimony of consideration and fellowship, my family cherishes their display of Hallmark cards around each birthday, anniversary and holiday. You see, writing is sentimental and heartfelt. We have the power to “choose our words wisely” by conceptualizing a message before composing and building upon each draft; much like a blog. This careful process is both vulnerable and irrevocable, thus, treasured with the fullness of our hearts.

How powerful can our words really be? For the social butterfly, how many of your posts revolve around anonymous quotes or alleged sayings? Do you keep-up with the latest news or find inspiration and humor from your news-feed?  Are you in recovery? The 4th step in your 12 step program is, “Make a searching and fearless moral inventory.” For the believer, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.” Undoubtedly, WORDS ARE POWERFUL!

My Testimony: Rediscovering and reinventing an old hobby. I have always preferred writing notes. Maybe a symptom of an artsy-fartsy nature, I love the way college-ruled pages look when covered with fresh ink and unique handwriting! As a communications student studying fine arts and media, I found simple enjoyment in creative writing, until a special assignment hit close-to-home. I have since felt charged to continue growing within the expressive medium. Now, I write for my job, spiritual edification, to love on my husband and appreciate my family. The pretty bow topping this journalistic package is a set of goals initiated by this blog; a collection of adventures, world-travels, art and cultural studies – a record of inspiration, education and entertainment to one-day share with my children’s children.

So, why write? Well, write for therapy. Write for self-expression. Write for contribution. Write for fun. Write to preserve. Write for readers. Write to challenge yourself. Shoot…write to better your handwriting!


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