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Wanderlust – Adventure Lifestyle

We have enjoyed wondrous adventures within our first few years together and certainly in our first year of marriage. Having found our love in activity-packed Florida, and living in 3 states within 6 months, i’d say adventure is surely the theme of our relationship. Of course, the real journey began the day we said, “I DO”.

When the boy and I got married, our dear friend and spiritual mentor Julaine Christiensen spoke a prayer over our future. She said, ” [to the boy] There’s an adventure in your DNA and God put it in you. [to me] You are going to be joining him on the ride of your life! You get to run this race together. Phillipians 3:12 & 14 says, “I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”  What an amazing journey you are going to have together!” She followed with a challenge for this life-adventure, giving us four important instructions:

  1. Stay focused on Christ.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Never give up.
  4. Always laugh together.

We are constantly seeking opportunity to travel or explore new places. While my primary interests have always been the culture of a location, my guy focuses on landscape and nature; especially those supporting his passion for board sports & motocross. I understand most people hope to travel, but I believe he and I are destined for something more than casual vacations. Comfort, convenience and safety are staples of the “all-inclusive” experience, but we hope to gain wisdom through exploration, hands-on research and creating new friendships wherever we go.

I have found some amazing resources while embracing my perma-wanderlust. These books, magazines, websites, blogs and podcasts have fueled my excitement and research. I hope you also find them inspirational and informative.


My Year With Eleanor | Wanderlust |Have Mother Will Travel | National Geographic Traveler | Let’s Go Travel Series | Living In Bali


Amateur Traveler | Atlas Obscura | Been Seen | Bohemian Traveler | Ken Kaminesky | The Cultureist | Untapped Cities | Kinfolk | Eat Your World

As I wrap this up, let me reiterate…I believe with unwavering faith, that my husband and I were intentionally created with passions and talents to support a journey that is anything but typical. We expect spontaneous twists and turns, confused loved ones, haters and supporters. Julaine challenged us to stay focused and never give up; our faith in His plan is our strength and hope. This is how I KNOW our path is unique. If you are doing some soul searching, I encourage you to think on your passions and pray for direction. I was once told, “When you care about something so much you can’t stop thinking about it; you eat, drink, breath and dream about this thing…that is when you’ll know. Nothing that tries to get in your way will succeed because your journey has divine purpose.”



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