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About Michelle

Passion for Culture: Michelle Bazis grew up in Nebraska within an arts loving family. Her deep passion for culture matured into a lifestyle overflowing with artistic expression! While achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Fine Arts, Michelle achieved national awards as a member of university and professional dance teams. She also worked as a promoter and event planner for local entertainment media, sports teams and arts festivals.

Entertainment Marketer: After graduation, Michelle followed career opportunities to Florida and Michigan before accepting a position in performing arts back in her hometown. From Broadway and popular music to community events and tourism, Michelle never stopped pursuing new cultural experiences or professional growth. As if the travel and career weren’t rewarding enough, Michelle achieved a personal goal when she became a published photographer in 2014!


Adventure Culture: With new territory comes new experience – Michelle fell in love with her husband while living in Florida where he introduced her to new thrills in surfing, motocross, wakeboarding and more! Since 2011, they have traveled the country taking on new adventures as they go! This exciting new approach to living inspired the creation of Adventure Culture in 2014. Adventure Culture began as an outlet for creative writing and photography but quickly grew into something greater…

Freelance Copywriting & Photography: In 2015, Michelle decided to use the Adventure Culture platform to serve a much larger audience. By combining personal passions with professional skills, Michelle is able to serve a much larger audience through freelance copywriting and photography services.

Michelle credits all growth & blessing to her Savior, Jesus Christ!


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