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A Tip From The Pros – Make an Inspiration Board

I recently attended the Go Blog Social in Kansas City and met countless professionals with an endless supply of motivation, wisdom and encouragement. From self-starters to seasoned entrepreneurs, the conference attracted speakers and companies with a variety of backgrounds. Each lesson was instrumental in providing tangible tools for professionals starting their business, growing their business or supporting a business, using social media optimization.Countless options are available for those passionate enough to pursue best-practices.

A consistent starting-point suggestion was the creation of an inspiration board. These creative boards have no boundaries and can range from writing topics to color pallets. Nonetheless, an inspiration board is a fantastic reminder for those who suffer incentive inconsistencies.

Among it’s many purposes, the inspiration board I created includes goals I hope to achieve, travel ambitions, joyful mementos and luxuries I work to one-day afford…all of which are subject to journal.

What would your inspiration board look like?

  • If you want a daily reminder to loosen up and laugh more, make a board of jokes or silly-faces.
  • Are you trying to get in shape or start a new diet? Make an inspiration board of workout goals, fitness mentors and motivational quotes.
  • Designing a new business? Keep an inspiration board of colors, icons, logos, tag-lines and mission statements.
  • Like many social media and copywriting professionals…writers block is a common cramp. Keep an inspiration board of topics or clips from your favorite works.
  • Afflicted by wanderlust? Develop a board with photos of places you will go and adventures you seek!

This is a fun project anyone can do & I believe you will find it brings immediate satisfaction. Excitement for these personal bits grows with each addition, some influencing fresh ideas while simultaneously recollecting old ones. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Thoreau

What inspires you?
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  1. Visiting you from the “Blogging 201” challenge.
    I’m not a visual person, so I always cringe when I hear the suggestion to create one of these boards. That being said, I like the way you give examples of items to use for various types of goals. That would help me if I were so inclined to create one of these.

    • Isn’t it funny how we can be inspired by so many things, but have trouble knowing where to start with an inspiration board? I find it hard keeping record of inspiration as it comes. This felt like a great starting point. Good luck!

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