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Easter Surprises

Starting with…my best friend is expecting her first baby! Starr is dear to my heart and this new addition to the dynamic will only bring overflow. Without divulging too much personal information, my childhood friend has always known she wanted to be a mamma but wasn’t always sure she could be. Needless to say, this little nugget is an answer to prayer, a miracle and a blessing.starr1

On to Easter Day happenings! Saturday was filled with cooking and laughter as we visited my side of the family, including my pint-sized aunt and easy-going uncle visiting from Illinois. Ironically, along with the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, we also welcomed the revival of our pet bearded dragon. “Mr”. Lizard has been in brumation for the last 2 months. You may be wondering why I quote the “Mr” in Mr. Lizard. Firstly, there is no way of distinguishing “his” gender that I am willing to volunteer for. Read about this invasive task at Second, our dear dragon is a DIVA! This title isn’t necessarily gender discriminant but “he” wears the crown well.

3200 Anniversary 074

I love my man and want nothing but his happiness. If this bearded butt-head is it, i’ll continue putting in my dues with hope for a furry & four-legged return on my investment…

Onward! Following the morning surprise, the guy and I enjoyed an artistic Sunday presentation at Flatland’s Easter service.  The production included a drama scripted to align with a poem written by Pastor Bart and narrated by Pastor Rob. Actors demonstrated the splendor of God’s colorful creation, being blotted out by the blackness of sin, until “The Painter of Life” (Jesus) arose to restore the world to it’s former brilliance.

Service was followed by brunch and a day in the sun with family. My father-in-law has returned from his toasty-retreat in the South for a blissful Spring in Middle America. We reclined in cozy patio furniture to play with our nephew and chat about the upcoming season over coffee and easter

Queen Bazis made a delectable comfort-food dinner and hid chocolate eggs for the traditional holiday-hunt! To her dismay, I CRUSHED my sister-in-law’s three year winning streak by collecting 90 – later donated to the toddler candy-consumption cause. It was a splendid Easter full of love, laughter and fellowship!

What’s next? I’m off to Chicago for a week & planning for our first wedding anniversary!


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  1. Yay for your best friend! (Mine is pregnant too, btw- due in June and we’re currently in shower-plan mode!) So exciting. 🙂

    Glad you had a good Easter- that lizard is cute, but probably not too cuddly… 😉


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