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Top 3 Writing Goals (Pt.1)

I think it is important to set short-term and long-term goals. Part one is about short-term writing goals…

1. Write & Read Regularly

This fulfilling hobby and profession has inspired several, but these primary goals begin small with one fundamental achievement – consistency. How do we find consistency with writing and still maintain authenticity?  Assuming readers are oblivious to blabber is a mistake – especially if the purpose of the content is to inspire imagination stimulation.

  • Blogging & journaling has been a great starting point.
    • Calendar reminders are fantastic for integrating a habit into your daily or weekly routine. I’ve found it helpful to add topics to these reminders to avoid writers block and unnecessary fluff.
  • Saving notes is a HUGE help!
    • By keeping a small notebook and pen handy, I have been able to preserve a lot of “aha!” moments.
  • Discipline – 6 months (1 post minimum per week)
    • Writing for work is one thing; writing to improve a skill or hobby requires self-discipline. No one is holding my feet to the fire when it comes to meeting this weekly writing goal, except myself. Excuses initiate a trend of loosey-gooseyness and there’s nothing strenuous about typing from your couch.
  • Going above and beyond is rewarding! (2/week by month 4)
    • A weekly writing goal is achievable for any schedule, so exceeding this goal returns extra fulfillment. Consistently exceeding the weekly goal supports growth, which means setting the bar even higher.

Reading aids vocabulary and fuels the writer’s brain. My husband and I want a collection to support a library in our first home. Hooked on the page, I dont see either of us giving up paper books any time soon. How can we read more and really absorb?

  • Adios cable!
    • Deleting cable has not only supported quality time, it has steadily increased the amount of time we spend reading. Whether catching up with favored blogs, reading the next novel in a series or joining a bible-study, this has been an instrumental tool in achieving reading goals.
  • Set a measurable goal and make a list of books to fill the calendar.
    • 1 book a month is an achievable goal. Dedicating 30 minutes to reading three times a week, is about 6 hours of reading time a month. According to wikipedia, the average person reads 250 words per minute. 6 hours X 60 minutes = 360 minutes. 360 minutes X 250 words = 90k words. Writer’s Digest claims the average adult-literary novel should range from 70k-109k words. Ta-da!
      • 30 minutes of reading, three times a week = 1 book per month!

I am still looking for more books to add to my list.  While I am not opposed to fiction, my preference seems to be biographies and memoirs about travel, growth and relationships. Please comment with your suggestions or share with me via instagram and twitter @mrsbazis.



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