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Book Review – Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves

I plunged into a few new goals. As mentioned in previous posts, one of these goals was to read 1 book per month. Sadly, I was let-down by my first pick.

I threw the book away after page 55. Wanderlust, a memoir by Elisabeth Eaves, was simultaneously joyful & disappointing. My interest in travel, and fondness of memoirs, does not include thoughtless conquests with international hotties. Have you ever read a book and thought “Was it really necessary to include this, say that, or use those words?” 

While the excitement of travel, exploration and impulsive spontaneity made for an intriguing read, I felt gross after reading of her random escapades. We are all in different seasons, which I can acknowledge and respectfully avoid if necessary. Eaves’ fowl references to a subject I consider beautiful and loving, left me feeling dirty. I have done my best to retire from swearing, finding profanity unnecessary (Like I said, I do my best). In Wanderlust, Eaves uses the mother of all cuss words with emotional disdain.  As my mother-in-law says, Eat the hay, spit out the sticks!”  Well, I ate the hay for 55 pages and was sick of spitting sticks. I threw the book away in order to avoid tainting the purity of my wanderlust.

Moving on to Have Mother, Will Travel and Daring Greatly! Share your favorite travel books with me in the comments section or on twitter & instagram – @mrsbazis.



  1. While you probably can’t travel here anytime soon, Nothing to Envy about growing up in North Korea has been one of the most memorable and fascinating books I’ve read.

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