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Our 1st Anniversary

The long awaited weekend has passed and we are pressing on! My husband and I made it through a series of obstacles during our first year of marriage, some exciting and some disheartening, but all victorious once we gave it to God.  Following a divine plan is pure adventure. Now, we take on year two with new wisdom and open hearts.

Phil 3 14

To friends and family, my life since finding my husband is nothing shy of miraculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if most didn’t believe our story. For the sake of preserving future novel material, I’ll share the CliffsNotes version…

story of ben

On to the celebration! I had been plotting this evening of surprises which, go figure, didn’t exactly go my way. The whole idea was to be home before him with time to plant a scavenger-hunt of surprises and gifts. The trail of instructions ended in the rented theater, decorated with trinkets of our wedding day and a video of special memories and messages. After exchanging sentiments, we celebrated the long weekend with activities and lounging. Here are some photos I took of the weekend using his gift to me, a Nikon 3200!

Share your favorite anniversary memories with me in the comments section or on twitter & instagram – @mrsbazis.


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