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New Adventures (Pt.1) – Photography

Weekend Chronicles – We traveled west for the 3rd race of the series. After consecutive storm cancellations, the boy finally got to race again!Blog 7
Blog 3

Between practice day and race day, we camped at my grandmother’s. While enjoying simple pleasures like smelling her 50-year-old rose bush, grooming her charismatic shiba inu and watching the rain dance, she told us stories of farm life in the 20s and challenges of being an Army wife during WWII. As expected, the oh-so spry 92-year-old force-fed us till we questioned her motives –  Is this loving hospitality or a last minute attempt to empty the fridge?

Blog 6

Race day began beautifully and concluded victorious! My guy finished second on the 2014 Kawasaki, just before racing a seriously nasty storm out of town. There were a lot of things to celebrate when we got home; time with family, a second place finish with a first place points standing, safety and some decent pictures!
Blog 9
Are you a passionate about photography? I’d love to hear your best tips and tricks! Share with me in the comments section or on twitter & instagram – @mrsbazis. Motocross lovers can follow our dirt-life on instagram – @dirtwife.


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  1. Modern digital photography offers a much more instantaneous feedback than the days of film development. many times you can see your results and still have time to recapture the scene in a new way. Photos are like pictures, ,or drawings, or even like sentences. Think about subjects, themes , movement, and symmetry. Many times, a story will develop outside the structure of the obvious. There is also the element of wanting capture the scene and experience it at the same time. Sometimes you have make a quick decision about being a photographer or a spectator. You are already showing some very good signs of quality, impactful photography. Way to go!

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