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Weekend Recap – Events, Motocross & More!

Funny how Midwest summers fog our memory of winter depression. For a moment I was Dr. Jekyll, in my happy place of sunshine and summer festivals, until Mr. Hyde came back to slap me in the face!  There’s something seriously wrong with this bi-polar weather disorder.

While riding 40 degree temperature waves, we spent the weekend enjoying three favored festivities.  The trilogy began Friday at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival with live music from MarchFourth Marching Band. Enveloped in a mile of artistic display, my husband and I were most intrigued by the photographers showcased at the Festival. From multi-media to landscape and still life, these photographers blew our minds, giving me loads of great material to study. We rounded out our tour of tents with an evening concert at the center of the Festival.
No amount of creativity could aid in describing this band, but ill give it a shot. First of all, MarchFourth Marching Band is from Portland; this fact alone should shape your understanding. Convoluted layers of pageantry outline the MarchFourth experience. Best put, “It looks like a group of hipster band friends, infatuated with the circus, got together and decided to make money entertaining.” I don’t know that I would describe this as a concert, but whatever it was, it was awesome!photo10

For the unaware, Nebraska isn’t just known for the Huskers, vast cornfields and the College World Series. Omaha is home to the #1 Zoo in the country! This attraction is a soft-spot for Omahans, and a haven for my nature loving hubby. A wonderful thing about Henry Doorly Zoo is their collection of indoor ecosystems, making it possible to visit your favorite critters year-round; not to mention indoor retreats for the various primates and flying fellows living at the zoo. Check em out: Desert DomeKindgoms of the NightLied Jungle aka “The Rain Forest”Butterfly & Insect PavilionAquarium.

photo1 (2)
During our Saturday visit, we were pleased to catch some action from the typically uneventful tenants. I imagine this gig is something like being a supermodel; you don’t have to do much for people to stare at you. The Blue Bellied Roller (above) kicks-it in the Desert Dome, while my favorite floating creature, the Sea Turtle (below), drifts through the Aquarium.
photo2 (1)

The final fiesta of our weekend trilogy was a day at the track. In a nutshell, my man defended his points lead with two nail biting motos and I proudly carried home the fourth trophy of the season. I have been so blessed by my husband and overwhelmed with opportunities to photograph his ridiculous talent.  He is one of those people, naturally good at everything he does.
photo8 6.9.14 103
The support of friends and family does not go unnoticed. Without fail, they brave the country roads, heat, porta potties and dusty eyes to cheerfully encourage my guy till the checkered flag flies. We love you!

Fairs, festivals, the College World Series, vacations and loads of outdoor concerts…there are many adventures to be had this summer. What events are you looking forward to? Share with me in the comments section or on twitter & instagram – @mrsbazis. Motocross lovers can follow our dirt-life on instagram – @dirtwife.


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