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Wanderlust – Bucket List

What? Travel!

No doubt, many Americans have an untamed desire to see the world. Having only 2 geographical neighbors, we want what we can’t have. These ideals may not apply to the homebodies or regionally conservative.

Adventure Lifestyle: When my husband and I got married, our dear friend and spiritual mentor Julaine Christiensen spoke a prayer over our future. She said, “[to Ben] There’s an adventure in your DNA and God put it in you. [to me] You are going to be joining him on the ride of your life! You get to run this race together.” 

colorado lake granby

Where? Everywhere!

Goal – 50 by 50: My hope is to visit at least 50 countries before I turn 50; this gives me just over 20 years to accomplish what I hope to achieve much sooner.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? The lingering question tickling the mind of those infected by wanderlust. I suppose the first thing to do is decide what type of traveler you are (Ex. Adventurer or Romantic) and what your travel style is (Ex. In Style or On A Mission). Find more direction at


How? Take Risks!

Travel can be executed in a variety of ways. My husband and I work remotely – a symptom of entrepreneurial efforts and freelance consulting.  Many believe travel is an unattainable fantasy, just out of reach for the average-Joe, and only to be lived by hippies or the uber-privileged. I strongly disagree…

There is a difference between “having to choose” and “making sacrifices”.  To grow, we have to persevere through uncomfortable seasons. Bold lives require bold action! Challenge yourself to take the risks that will get you where you want to go.

Think on your passions and pray for direction: “When you care about something so much you can’t stop thinking about it; you eat, drink, breath and dream about this thing…that is when you’ll know. Nothing that tries to get in your way will succeed because your journey has divine purpose.” – Julaine Christiensen

Michelle 188

What destinations are on your bucket list? Please share any suggestions you may have for aspiring world-travelers. Also, I would love to hear your feedback! Please leave comments below and/or connect with me via Instagram or Twitter!


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