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Event Recap – Summer Concerts

As mentioned previously, I have been oh-so-blessed by the amount of musical entertainment in my schedule. Ironically, due to a busy event schedule, this post is a bit belated, so i’ll keep it short & sweet instead of elaborating on every “OMG” moment…

(Stir Concert Cove) Philip Phillips and OAR, Gavin DeGraw; (Grassroots Music Festival ) The Wailers & 311; (402 Arts Collective) Capital Kings, Flight Metaphor; (Jazz on the Green) The 9s, The Navy Blue Jackets, Conjunto Chappottin Y Sus Estrellas 

You will notice my family peppered throughout these photos…that is because my family friggin’ ROCKS (pun intended)! During The Wailers performance at the Grassroots Music Festival, a random person approached me dancing with my mom & dad astonished that (one) I was jammin’ out with my parents at a reggae concert and (two) that all three of us were 100% sober. He left saying, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

As musical recaps occur, you can be sure to find my musical-mate & dear friend Lindsey. Her and I became friends after a conversation about Tenacious D…there was no turning back. She has joined me on musical escapades all across the country, and with the bucket-list of shows we plan to experience or re-experience, we expect to continue our “musical-mates” traditions until our ear-holes poop-out! Even then, i’m sure you’ll still find us dancing to the songs on repeat in our heads.   

Coming Up:
Big Sam’s Funky Nation
Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Sing, Sing, Swing Orchestra
Jon Foreman
Foster the People
Eric Johnson
Gov’t Mule

Off topic, but totally awesome: Check out my husband in UNLEASHED WAKE MAG! Photo by: Dave Giesbrecht

Ben in Wake Mag

What concerts or live entertainment are you looking forward to? Share with me in the comments or via twitter & instagram @mrsbazis.


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