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Celebrating Life

“Celebrating Life” can mean a lot of things – Falling in love, an adventure, a birthday or remembering a unique friend. How do we celebrate life? The first step, I think,  is acknowledging how fragile it is. Thinking about the true-value of time gives me the willies! How many minutes, days or years have I wasted being afraid of the unknown or worried about things that didn’t matter? Forgiveness, humility and optimism seem to be the perfect remedy for a better today (and tomorrow).

Celebrating My Mama- Getting older is interesting. My nearly-30 husband embraces the gray saying, “It shows my wisdom!” My mother welcomed her ##th birthday on July 23rd. While she may have wanted to hide from the extra tally, we celebrated her life over laughs about her “tweeter” account and a weekend road-trip to Kansas City.

“I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.” Einstein

Celebrating My Niece – 4 days after my mother’s birthday, my niece Francesca was born. The baby girl was baptized on her 1st birthday and celebrated by family from near and far. Frankie loved her gifts and lovingly shared her cake with slobbery fingers. Our family has been so blessed by her life and I am honored to be her Godmother.

dad and papaCelebrating Matt – A precious person and wonderful friend has gone home. Matt had been a co-worker and classmate of mine and a long-time friend of my husband. Recently, he and I shared some uplifting words about life. The passion in his words brings me peace about his final days; a comfort I hope to share with others by including the conversation in this post.

“Everything that we do either has a positive, or a negative effect on the world, and I want to leave a tremendously positive impact while I’m here!” Matt Townsend
Convo with Matt

Times like these are challenging. Hope can be hard to muster, but if securely placed, hope has the ability to produce perseverance. Through this unfortunate event, old friends have reconnected, spouses have held each other a little tighter and many have found inspiration in his genuine spirit. Matt’s unfading smile and positivity gives us a reason to celebrate.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Rev 21:4

Photos from Facebook via Feirin Wilson & Kelly Beck Ward.


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