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Turn It Up!

Confession time: My blog-worthy material has been a bit sparse this month.  Sparse meaning, I was having trouble finding juicy material. I hate to be one who writes just to write. Sure, jotable thoughts come and go, but I try to avoid the fluff-zone.

Breakthrough! A series dedicated to an infectious conversation topic; content inspired by my husband’s definition of ‘passion’ and an opportunity to squeeze the obsession out of a few loved ones.

“Turn It Up!” Simply stated, this series will be a platform for the infectious topic of music!  Topics include: lyrics, albums, icons and newcomers, favored events and memories, genres, bands, composition, instruments, style, culture and history…you name it! 

My husband explains that “passion” is the difference between really liking something and immersing yourself in it. The objective of Turn It Up! is to be immersed in the subject; exploring not only personal infatuations, but also building knowledge through ongoing research and experience.

With perimeters defined by passion and obsession, i’ll be writing about personal joys and sharing interviews with my favorite fanatics.

Preview – Turn It Up! 

“Anyone can make a good first impression, but not everyone can make a good lasting impression.” Have you ever heard this expression? I believe first impressions can define a lifetime of preferences. When I was about 8 or 9, I curiously attended my first concert at an outdoor event featuring live music from Sister Hazel, Joan Jett, Ted Nugent & Cheap Trick.

Chaperoned by our dad, my older brother & his then girlfriend ventured into the eclectic crowd. I stayed safely glued to my mother soaking in every ounce of the mildly-filtered experience. I quickly observed the importance of health and fitness in a sea of beer bellies, short-shorts and unfamiliar smells. Grungy vendors and chain smokers, bikers and hippies, heavy base and piercing treble…I remember it all!

We left, ears ringing, with one classic concert-going element left to absorb. While waiting out the traffic, we had our own private parade of drive-by moonings!  How’s that for a first impression?

If you are interested in sharing a personal story about your musical passions, shoot me an email at theadventureculture@gmail.com!



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