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4 Trends In My Library

To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question! Lately, my husband and I have been going through this back-and-forth about the pros and cons of upgrading our home…meaning getting a bigger place. Like many young adults and newly married couples, we have ideas of the future home we will make our own. Our nomadic relationship has led us to living in different places from the tropical South East to the brisk Great Lakes and rolling Midwest, so our nesting desires are quite diverse. While my guy prefers simplistic modern styles, we agree on the comforting feel of organic elements like dark wood, natural light and a greenhouse oasis! All in all, this place is sure to be everything we hope for…one day.

Dream Home

Now that I have supplemented my daydreams, I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of a home & a major pro to upgrading our living space: the library!

My sister-in-law happily keeps my husband’s room of books stored at her place; a literary convenience I don’t see her letting go of easily.  Still, you will find our pint-sized home packs a big punch when it comes to being decorated with a variety of reading materials. Housed by handcrafted antique shelving, my books are accompanied by plants, small instruments, journals, maps and my drawing pad.

You’ll notice 4 common trends in my library…

(1) Faith-based
I have nothing against fiction, but there is something about memoirs and shared wisdom that really churn my brain. Topping this publication peak is my Bible. I have read from a few versions but always come back to the NIV Study Bible; this translation just makes sense to me and I love the extra notes for increased understanding. Reading front to back is a goal I have always had difficulty with, so I’m tackling the New Testament first. It’s a lingering process, but I recently reached the book of James.

(2) Travel & Adventure
In addition to long-time favorites “Have Mother Will Travel” by Claire & Mia Fontaine and “My Year With Eleanor” by Noelle Hancock, I have a subscription to National Geographic Traveler Magazine. These magazines are peppered throughout our home as a constant reminder of adventure aspirations; a con to upgrading – less money for travel.

(3) Business & Self-Improvement
You might be wondering what I meant by Business & Self-Improvement. Examples from my library include “Business Stripped Bare” by Richard Branson and “Onward” by Howard Shultz – founders of Virgin & Starbucks. These books are guaranteed to inspire the spirit of any opportunistic individual.  Anything by Dale Carnegie, who has been referred to as the Self-Help Messiah, is sure to be jam-packed with wisdom. “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge is great for new brides looking to be understanding wives, and “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron-Bure is perfect for anyone who has struggled with their body image – like dancers.

 (4) Classics
“Letters from the Earth – Uncensored Writings” by Mark Twain. “Great Short Stories of the World” a compilation by Readers Digest.

Funny how these posts help me process. If staying put in our modest abode affords more books and travel, we may not be home much after all. What is in your library?  What are your favorite books?

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  1. Ideally, my “office” was to serve as a library/writing room, but it’s not been transitioned from storage of said books. 🙂 I love nonfiction, particularly memoirs. However, realistic fiction is also on my shelves. The Bean Trees (my signed first edition) is my prized possession. I LOVE books. (Reading teacher, writer. . .it works.) Great post!

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