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Event Recap – Cruddy Comedy

Get Your Mind Outa The Gutter! What kind of conversations do you think we would have if we spent more time cleaning all the junk out of our minds? You know the commonly laughable excuse, “I don’t have a filter”? Is it really something to be proud of? I mean, I am all for straight-forward, bold and honest conversation, but I don’t think that means we shouldn’t govern our words.

I recently went to see a comedian; a very popular comedian with best-selling everything and a successful cometary career. Contrary to every-day conversation, comedians are expected to have unique vocabulary and subject matter. That being said, these traits are not unique to my experience:

Doesn’t it feel like society has made it “okay” or even funny to talk about things that no normal, or even legal, conversation would include?

With stand-up comedy, we brace ourselves for the unexpected, but what happens when the unexpected is uncomfortable? In what world are jokes about rape or prejudice actually funny? Regardless the context, I have never heard a joke about Jesus that didn’t make me what to power wash my brain. If we were having a regular conversation about these topics, would you feel comfortable? Better yet, if we were at work, wouldn’t this kind of talk be grounds for termination, harassment or discrimination lawsuits?

Have you ever watched an awesome movie and thought “Man! I could have done without so many F-bombs.” What about romantic-comedies with there seems to be an unnecessarily raunchy sex scene? Who’s in charge of drawing the line between tasteful & distracting?

In truth, vulgar humor is a lot like a pretty girl.

A little makeup can accentuate her already gorgeous features, but once she crosses over into the “too much” section, people forget the pretty girl and remember the makeup. How about a gourmet meal? We might add a dash of salt to bring out the flavor, but too much would ruin the food.  What would you want to be remembered for?

Now, I’m not trying to sound uber-conservative; everyone is entitled to their opinions and in the United States, Freedom of Speech tops the list of our Constitutional rights. There is a ton of humor in every-day life and isn’t the heart of a comedian dedicated to helping us laugh at normally numbing situations? This is a gift few people share and –it would seem– do well.

To the comedian – professional or recreational: In sticking to your craft, aren’t you actually offering much more than laughs? Instead of treating your audience’s minds like a land-fill, why not give them a funny one-liner to refer to in annoying or frustrating situations? Comedy is meant to lift our spirits and evoke a little humility, is it not? Sounds like the opposite of uncomfortable.

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