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5 Tips & 4 Days – NYC

5 Tips & 4 Days: My mother and I have officially started a tradition! Back in 2011 we had our first mother-daughter trip – an occasion we hoped to repeat annually. I can’t complain, living in Florida was like a permanent vacation and a HUGE perk for visiting friends and family. Still, it wasn’t till 2014 that my mother and I made dreams for destination #2 a reality.

NEW YORK CITY! Let me tell you, as a dancer and culture dork, I have been geeking out about the idea of visiting “the big apple” for years!It has taken quite a bit of brainstorming to figure out how to tackle 4 full-days in The City, but after chatting with a few NYers and doing an obscene amount of research, I think our itinerary has started to take shape…


5 Tips From NYers & Seasoned Visitors

1. Go With The Flow!
Leave yourself some time to go with the flow and see what happens. Some of the best NYC experiences happen on a whim; there are a lot of cool things to experience and it’s fun to go with what sounds or looks good at the time.

2. Even NYers Are Tourists
Don’t be ashamed to do the “touristy” thing. Even people who live in New York love going to Broadway shows and the Statue of Liberty – BUT- don’t look up. One way to stick out like a sore thumb is to walk around looking up.

3. There Are NO Deals
Don’t let anyone try to sell you a “great deal” or “discounted rate”. You can save by planning ahead and making reservations. A good rule of thumb is to assume anything off the street is a scam.

4. Get the 7-Day Metro Card
Even if you’re not staying in New York for 7 days, you will save with the 7 day pass verses paying daily fees. The Subway is not what it used to be; it is safe & the best way to get around the city.

5. Organize By Area
When you organize your days around an area, you have more flexibility and time to enjoy it. For example, don’t try visiting the 9/11 Memorial and the Guggenheim Museum in the same day. This was the biggest help in our itinerary planning. I had totally underestimated the amount of time it takes to fully experience some of these attractions.


New York in 4 Days! 

Going off of Tip #5, we plan to take The City by area. Here is a list of the recommendations I have collected from friends, family, co-workers & my favorite travel sites. This includes neighborhoods/districts, attractions, activities & food…lot’s of food!

Neighborhoods/Districts: Hell’s Kitchen – Chelsea – Theater District – Garment District Attractions: Times Square – Chrysler Building – Empire State Building – Broadway – Bryant Park – MOMA – Radio City Musical Hall – Rockefeller Center – Carnegie Hall – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – The High Line – Grand Central Terminal – Shopping – The Chelsea Market Food:  Chin Chin (tbd) – Vynl – Southern Hospitality – Chelsea Grill – John’s Pizzeria – Angus McIndoe Restaurant – Landmarc at Columbus Circle – The City Bakery


Neighborhoods/Districts: Greenwich Village – China Town – Little Italy – SoHo – Meat Packing District Attractions: Shopping – Culture – The Market NYC on Bleecker Street –  NYU – Washington Square Food: White Horse Tavern – Buvette – Bar Pitti – French Roast – Hu Kitchen

Attractions: World Trade Center – 9/11 Memorial Museum – Wall Street – New York Stock Exchange – Battery Park – Brooklyn Bridge – Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island

Attractions: The Met- Madison Avenue – Fifth Avenue – Central Park Zoo – Guggenheim Museum Food: Shake Shack – Bröd Kitchen


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  1. It seems everytime we go to NYC we barely get out of the Times Square area, because that’s where Broadway is. Hello!
    We did carve the time to see Central Park and fortunately the Statue of Liberty was seen through a hotel window on a cold, windy day when we decided it was too cold and windy for a ferry trip. 🙂

    I hope we can visit again soon, it’s been a long time and there is so much more to see. (And new Broadway. But we do have a one track mind around this house.) 🙂 Have FUN FUN FUN!

    • OH yea! Broadway is definitely on our list! For now, Chicago might be the way to go, but im waiting to get some feedback from some insiders – My job is a good job to have when you’re planning to visit NYC! 🙂 We cant wait!

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