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Weekend Snaps – Dirt Wife

Quite a lot has been going on in our lives this Winter but we have officially kicked-off the Nebraska State MX Series! In addition to recaps of our snowy adventures & cold-weather escapes, expect plenty of @dirtwife updates as the Spring & Summer progress.

Of course I have to start with my moto-man! Here is my favorite photo from the race…

NEMX Race 1 218

This was a seriously blustery day! 25mph winds at a dirt track don’t do a girl any favors. We were finding dirt in places it shouldn’t be. Oh the joys of being a moto wife!

Just because…here is a photo of our new pet, Bali! Fiji’s husband is a dalmatian morph eyelash crested gecko & future baby-daddy to lots of cute little baby geckos.
Bali 008

Until next time friends – Forgive someone, love each-other, bask in simple joys, act on your grand dreams & feed the wild ambition of you’re heart!!

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