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5 Tips From Alissa Circle at Go Blog Social

Alissa Circle

Speaker at Go Blog Social 2015
Pollinate Media |
Twitter @alissacircle & @pollinatemedia
Instagram @alissamcircle & @pollinatemedia

1. Authenticity is key!

Alissa really kickstarted an entire theme for Go Blog Social…AUTHENTICITY! It is very easy for any media-maven or reader with an opinion to hide behind a computer, but when it comes to marketing yourself, brands can smell BS from a mile away!

Tips from Alissa:

  • Don’t try and mimic someone else’s story.
  • Be consistent! Find your passions & stick to them!
  • You’re devaluing your voice when you sacrifice authenticity.
  • Don’t play the comparison game.

2. Find your voice!

If you think your story isn’t worth telling, you’re wrong. Understanding your brand as a blogger, entrepreneur or business-person may follow a bit of soul-searching.

Tips from Alissa:

  • This could mean re-branding.
  • Embrace originality!
  • If you don’t love it, don’t talk about it.
  • Don’t let sponsored posts takeover your blog.
  • It’s easier to promote brands you’re passionate about.

3. There is no such thing as balance!

For today’s media entrepreneur, time is a luxury. From fast-food to live streaming, today’s readers don’t like to wait & they don’t have to. With so many options available, convenience favors the consumer. Even the master organizer has their limits and, according to Alissa, stress is what makes us feel off-balance.

Tips from Alissa:

  • Accept that there is no such thing as balance.
  • Say “NO” more often. 
  • Take 30 minutes a day to do something you love.
  • Wait for the right opportunities.
  • Value your time.

4. Take fear by the balls & make your dreams happen!

It’s easy to look at the saturated blogging world and think, “It can’t be that hard.” The downside to convenience is it’s ability to become entitlement. The truth is, some get lucky, some know the right people and some work their tail off!

Tips from Alissa:

  • If it isn’t uncomfortable, you’re not growing.
  • Success isn’t just a 7-letter word.
  • Build your network! 
  • If you’re just getting started: be on social media A LOT. Talk back & just keep blogging!

5. Read these amazing books!

There are so many great resources available to us. The perks of reading are endless and there is power in wisdom. If reading is something you love, pick up one of these suggestions to enjoy during your daily downtime!

Recommended by Alissa:

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  1. These are great tips. It threw me when I saw her name. I just don’t see my name spelled out the same very often. It’s usually Alyssa.

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