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Getting Connected – With Grace & Gold

Andra & Kelly – With Grace & Gold | @withgraceandgold

One business coach and one design expert came together through unique circumstances, and thus, With Grace & Gold was created! Andra & Kelly discovered their mutual passions for design, faith and all things gold, while sipping Caribou coffee in Wisconsin. The two spoke on community and relationships, among other adorable things, at Go Blog Social 2015.

Who is With Grace & Gold?
Mission: A design, styling and business consulting company with a mission to create purposeful and authentic branding.

How did they get started? With Grace & Gold launched using 3 acquisition principles and 3 marketing tactics.

  • Transparency: “We want people to know what our process is like so they know if we’re a good fit.”
  • Getting Clients: Write about topics that pertain to what you’re doing. Reach out to people who you notice could use some help.
  • Connect: Get your name out there as many ways as you can.
  • Materials: Landing Page, Newsletter, Social Media Marketing.

Did it work? 

  • After 1 month the girls broke-even on their investment.
  • After 3 months they had served 5 small businesses.
  • When Kelly & Andra discovered that With Grace & Gold was projected to reach a 6-figure revenue in 2015, Kelly quit her full-time job.

With Grace & Gold’s Business Philosophy: 

  • Clients = Friends! “If clients trust us as friends, they’re going to truly get what they’re looking for.”
  • Life is in the details. Find out what makes the client unique.
  • Community! Only good can come from sharing & connecting.

How does With Grace & Gold stay connected?

  • Facebook group – Grace, Gold and Gumption.
  • Newsletter – Every Friday.
  • Online Networking – Bloggers, Brands, Colleagues.
  • Personal networking – Groups, Events, Organizations.

The latest season has brought optimism and promise in the form of my own business! I am fortunate to be able to pursue Adventure Culture full-time as a writer, social media consultant and brand strategist. Go Blog Social is the perfect testimony to Kelly & Andra’s message – community & relationships are key.  Onward!


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