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Big Apple Adventures

My mother and I have officially landed in the Big Apple! We chose New York City as the 2015 destination for our annual mother-daughter trip last year and we made it happen!!

In celebration of our annual trip & an early nod to Mother’s Day, I wanted to ask my sweet & spunky mother what she thought about our tradition & what she expected from this year’s trip. As a result, she made me promise to [publicly] answer the same questions & we should always do what our mother’s tell us to do, right?

What was your favorite moment from our 1st trip [D.C.]?

MOM: [smiles while twiddling with her necklace] “Having dinner on my birthday at the hotel we were staying at.”

ME: It was BLAZING HOT but beautiful! I really loved walking through Georgetown & Alexandria sharing moments of “awe” while exploring. I’ll always remember riding the trolley & getting ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s.

What are you looking forward to most in our NYC trip?

MOM: “Spending time with my baby” Okay, now seriously? “Probably, the Statue of Liberty; and I always wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial.” So, its more of the monuments? “Well, there’s not much for landscape except for the buildings, but I do love architecture. I suppose, going to different restaurants that we don’t have [anywhere else].”

ME: Just walking through the different markets & areas of town. I just love watching people. I’m really excited to try the food! Hanging with my mom is always a hoot!

Where do you want to go next?

IMG_20150415_181206208_HDRMOM: “Hawaii or Alaska. Hawaii is beautiful & there’s great things to do. I want to see the coral & the water. Alaska, I want to see the glaciers and the wildlife.” What about international? “I’d like to go visit the places my dad saw when he was in WW2. I’d love to go to Ireland, England, Italy, France…all those fun places!”

ME: I’d also love to go to Hawaii – mostly Maui or Kauai. I would love to go on a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway and see the Red Wood Forest, San Francisco Bay, Big Sir, Napa Valley etc. I aso want to go see the Grand Canyon and Antelope Caverns. As far as international travel goes, traveling with my mom gives me WAY more options [the wives out there know what we’re talking about]. I’d probably want to go somewhere my husband or dad wouldn’t really care to go, so probably Paris. I think we would have a good ole fashioned girly geek out trip!

Why do you think we travel so well together?

MOM: “Because we’re both very flexible and willing to compromise. We like the same things….and you know how to have fun. You make me laugh. Haha”

ME: Because we’re two peas in a pod! We laugh, we wing it!

What makes a trip with your daughter different?

MOM: “This might sound strange but I like to watch you have fun. It’s not as stressful.”

ME: Same! When traveling with friends or my husband, I always feel like I need to make sure they’re having fun. When I travel with my mom, I KNOW we’ll both have fun no matter what we do.

What are your travel goals?

MOM: [NYC] “See as much as I can of the area because there is a chance I might not be back for a while. I want to see all the states – it’s part of my bucket list. I want to take at least one over-seas trip.”

ME: 50 by 50! 50 countries by 50 years old.

Throwback to our first mother-daughter trip in D.C.


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