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Overcoming Poverty Mentality – Fashionable Investments

I was just sitting here discussing a common topic with my husband >fashion< and what makes a “piece” more valuable than another.

Fall Essentials

My antiquing family has the spirit of treasure hunters…always looking for the hidden gem. We enjoy the search and challenge of finding something most would look past.  My Nannie and Papa (southern name for granparents) owned an antique mall in Nebraska for many years and seem to have a fondness for hand-made trinkets; from hand-carved canes and early century cookware to civil war furniture and propoganda, they’ve made a hobby out of collecting history.

My aunt has made a side-business out of transforming discarded & recycled goods into high-demand craft jewelry & custom garb (Bell Frog). My father has the most inexpensive high-end closet you will find; we poo-poo on his shopping hobby till he comes home with authentic, rare and vintage designer outfits for $5!? You found that where?! For how much?!

Splurge or Save

The largest shopping season of the year is coming soon. Millions were willing to wait Texas sized lines before scratching & clawing at the shelves for questionably exclusive deals. I saw a commercial for Black-Friday where a woman said, “I almost never pay full price for anything.” Why do you think she says this?

Cash for Coats

The majority of the US is middle-class, but on a global-scale, we are all in the top % for wealth. So many of us live with a poverty mentality, but why?  Obviously everyone’s debt/income ratio is different, and who knows how many mouths the guy next to you is feeding, but I feel like so many are unwilling to give up the comforts of “American” living and make the sacrifices necessary to get out of debt or see a financial goal come to fruition — I was once a part of this demographic. 

Designer or Department
While my husband and I don’t always agree on what is worth spending our money on (what married couple does?), we do believe John 8:36 and that we aren’t meant to be kept in a credit cage. The road to becoming debt free isn’t always fun but it is definitely easier than you’d think.  Once you’re free there’s nowhere to go but up! You’d be surprised how much you can give, save and spend when you’re not prolonging bills or paying interest. You can discover a lifestyle where you can enjoy the extras without the interest. Can I get a virtual high five?? 

Value in Jeans

So what do we do when it comes to fashion? I used to make fun of designer threads saying, “Why in the world would I pay that much for a pair of jeans or a purse?! Do you realize what I could do with that money?” The excuses are endless, but one thing never changes – the guilt! The truth is, we spend more money replacing the same items every season than we would buying one quality made item one time. Stop living with a poverty mentality! If you’ve worked with integrity, paid your bills and owe no one, then celebrate the financial favor you are blessed with.

I won’t tell you which is more expensive in the photos above (deal or designer), but I can say I’ve bought and/or tried on almost every brand. I’ve had Forever 21 jackets last longer than any others I’ve owned, and a Kate Spade bag that would still function like new after running over it with my car. There really is no manual when it comes to investing in fashion — all you have to do is put something on to know if it fits well and makes you happy. After all, isn’t that what we should be investing in — the things that bring us happiness (even fashion)?

Tell me what you think?

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  1. The Street Canvas says

    Yes!!! As much as I LOVE and covet high-end designer items, most of the time H&M options last me as long as I want them to. ❤

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