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7 Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are an amazing option for affordable travel! If you are a fan of spontaneous detours, landscape views and deep convo – road trips are for you! Ben and I love weekend drives for moto or snowboarding and I feel like we explore something new each time.


Yesterday was the start of an epic trip. I estimate nearly 30 hours on the road between destinations + 2 flights, over the next 5 days. After years and countless miles, I have gained some wisdom in car comfort. These are a few things I always like to have with me…

Pillow – The only time I’ve ever been able to sleep in a car was with a memory foam pillow. If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping on the road, memory foam is the way to go! Check out your local Home Goods.


Warm Sweater – For when the driver turns your car into a mobile ice cube…and there is always someone like this on the trip. This long hooded sweater with pockets is about to be everyone’s Fall/Winter sweater crush – new at Four Sisters Boutique.

Reading – Transit is my favorite time to catch up on my travel and adventure memoirs. My favorite is My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock. This week I’m starting Neither Here Nor There – Travels In Europe by Bill Bryson. Other great road reads – National Geographic Travel, AFAR & Outside Magazines.

Camera – You never know what surprises you’ll come across. I always keep my Nikon or GoPro Hero 4 on hand.


Coffee or Tea
– I’ve never been able to sleep well in the car. The Vitamin Shoppe has shelves of healthy tea options that double as natural remedies for common travel ailments like trouble sleeping or an uneasy tummy. I take my coffee mug everywhere – grab a cute Kate Spade mug like this one at Four Sisters Boutique.

Gum – Fight the urge to splurge on fast food or gas station snacks with a fat pack of gum!! You’re gut will thank you when you don’t return home with extra bags (and I don’t mean luggage).

Sunglasses – I mean, this is kind of a given. If you’re traveling east or west, make sure you pack some polarized shades – Ray Ban Aviators are my fave!

What do you always have with you on a long road trip?

After a 7 hour drive to Chicago + a 2 hour flight to Atlanta + a 2 hour drive into Alabama, we are finally settled! Today I am exploring my dad’s home town of Leeds, Alabama. Leeds is a suburb of Birmingham and, with my dad’s sister along for the trip, the family stories will be flowing!

*Featured Image – Huffington Post


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  1. Jonno says

    Hi, great article and really nice photos. Love a long road trip, there aren’t many things better than just setting off in a car and seeing where the road takes you. Not currently doing much of that though as we are in the middle of our little JWalking trip( living on the beach just outside Sydney. Road trip is planned for next month. Enjoy your current trip.

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