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Who’s Who of #GirlsNightOmaha

Girl’s Night Omaha is dedicated to supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, it all started with an idea to promote friends! Cheerleader at heart, my marketing brain never truly turns off – I am always excited to find new ways to lift up loved ones and missions I believe in. The event is less than a week away, so here is who you should know to be in the know… Sara Sabaliauskas – A 30 years young petite fashionista and young professional from the Heartland, sharing her passion for savvy fashion! By day, Sara is an event planner and fundraiser for an Omaha nonprofit. By night, Sara is enthralled in all things fashion and style. She is my partner for all things Girls Night Omaha, contributing her fashionable skills as a style and trend advisor. Like her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram. Four Sisters Boutique; Sara Spooner – Inspired by her fashionable grandmother and her three sisters, Sara Spooner opened Four Sisters Boutique in Rockbrook Village in the Spring of 2015. Four Sisters Boutique pays homage to these fashionable ladies by offering contemporary, …

Overcoming Poverty Mentality – Fashionable Investments

I was just sitting here discussing a common topic with my husband >fashion< and what makes a “piece” more valuable than another. My antiquing family has the spirit of treasure hunters…always looking for the hidden gem. We enjoy the search and challenge of finding something most would look past.  My Nannie and Papa (southern name for granparents) owned an antique mall in Nebraska for many years and seem to have a fondness for hand-made trinkets; from hand-carved canes and early century cookware to civil war furniture and propoganda, they’ve made a hobby out of collecting history. My aunt has made a side-business out of transforming discarded & recycled goods into high-demand craft jewelry & custom garb (Bell Frog). My father has the most inexpensive high-end closet you will find; we poo-poo on his shopping hobby till he comes home with authentic, rare and vintage designer outfits for $5!? You found that where?! For how much?! The largest shopping season of the year is coming soon. Millions were willing to wait Texas sized lines before scratching …

#GirlsNightOmaha – Need To Know!

Tonight is the night – Girl’s Night Omaha is going to be so much fun & we can’t wait to get the party started! Make sure you’re tagging #GirlsNightOmaha as well as the coordinators in all of your social media posts…there may be a prize involved. Sara, Erin, Four Sisters Boutique and all of our sponsors LOVE to hear and see your excitement and we’re all ready to retweet, like, follow or share right along with you! (Is there such a thing as too many “!”s?) Here are some social media and itinerary details to keep you in the loop for tonight’s event. Make sure you are following along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. DON’T FORGET: ticket and ID, clothing donations, fashion questions, camera/phone and business cards (if you’ve got them). Be sure to check your email for additional event announcements. Send any questions you have to — I look forward to meeting you all at Four Sisters Boutique for Girl’s Night Omaha! This photographer will be camera ready…will you?! Keep up with my daily adventures: