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Getting Real With God

Feeling a little disconnected and stuck in my own busyness, I decided to push my crap aside and have a very real chat with God…it probably didn’t go the way you’d think.


Overcoming Poverty Mentality – Fashionable Investments

I was just sitting here discussing a common topic with my husband >fashion< and what makes a “piece” more valuable than another. My antiquing family has the spirit of treasure hunters…always looking for the hidden gem. We enjoy the search and challenge of finding something most would look past.  My Nannie and Papa (southern name for granparents) owned an antique mall in Nebraska for many years and seem to have a fondness for hand-made trinkets; from hand-carved canes and early century cookware to civil war furniture and propoganda, they’ve made a hobby out of collecting history. My aunt has made a side-business out of transforming discarded & recycled goods into high-demand craft jewelry & custom garb (Bell Frog). My father has the most inexpensive high-end closet you will find; we poo-poo on his shopping hobby till he comes home with authentic, rare and vintage designer outfits for $5!? You found that where?! For how much?! The largest shopping season of the year is coming soon. Millions were willing to wait Texas sized lines before scratching …

Feeling Exposed With Alea Lovely

Alea Lovely Author | Photographer | Designer | Entrepreneur | Twitter & Instagram: @alealovely Now and then I come across a captivating, go-getter who makes me feel equally motivated & incompetent. You know, those people who make you think you can do anything (which you can) while simultaneously realizing you haven’t worked as hard as you thought (work smarter)?! In all seriousness, Alea Lovely has a very fitting name; she is a gentle-hearted woman with unmeasurable spirit and tenacity. Of course it would make sense that such an impressionable person would have a very compelling back-story. Alea embarked on a huge adventure when she moved to London to be with her then boyfriend-now husband. Her story initiated the topic of national exposure, which she says all starts with a BIG-ASK! Keys To Achieving National Exposure From Alea Lovely 1. The power of your BIG-ASK! What do you want? Understand, there is no “making it” in this business. If you’re a good entrepreneur you will never “make it” because you will always want more. 2. Stick out like a sore thumb! Be extraordinary! Don’t do what everyone else is doing. If you’re looking at someone thinking, …