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Thoughts on commitment and the experiences that come with sickness and health, for better or worse, till death! Stories on life as a wife.

Committed to Love

It’s disheartening to see or hear of any marriage on the rocks. Whether it’s a celebrity, friend or someone in your family, the one phrase I’ve grown to loath is, “Marriage is work.” Let me be brief…my husband and I might be polar opposites. With so many differences, we have every excuse to say, “Marriage is work.” Not every day is a bed of roses, but we committed all of ourselves to each other, not just our best self. My commitment was not to work through the days our differences got the better of us; it was a promise to love everything about who he is, all day, every day, forever (period). I knew I was marrying a man with a logical explanation for everything. I knew he was a cat person who only makes a plan when it comes to mastering a new skill, and I knew we might never see eye-to-eye on art and music. I also knew that his logical thinking would bring me balance when tempted to make an emotional decision. I knew his distain for cooking …

Anniversary Adventures

Our 2nd Anniversary! My man & I are always looking for new and unique experiences to share together & our anniversary is cause for something extra-special. Last minute obligations changed plans for an east-coast trip, still, we made the most of the day with some epic adventures at home!  From hiking waterfalls to riverside mountain biking, i’m sharing some of my favorite photos from the day! Mr & Mrs Bazis Joslyn Art Museum May 25, 2013 Keep up with my daily adventures:

To Buy Or Not To Buy A House?

We have been married for almost 2 years so most are asking, “When are you going to buy a house & have lots of babies?” Well, since we aren’t planning to have babies anytime soon, we have extra reasoning for NOT buying a house either. Truthfully, sharing a modest apartment can feel cramped at times, so we really took some time to weigh the pros and cons of staying put. Now, moving onto the fun stuff…making a wish list & planning for our dream nest! Here is a list of some hopes & wishes we have for our dream home. Cozy furniture! An open plan with tall ceilings! Natural Elements A killer study/library! BIG showers! An outrageously cool kitchen! Extra garage space for toys! A Greenhouse! And puppies…lots of puppies! Okay…that last one was just for me. Your feedback supports the ongoing success of Adventure Culture! Please complete this quick survey.